Contact Henry Strick

  • Email:
  • Message me using "wire"
  • Phone number in the UK: 0779 556 2277
  • Phone international: +44 (0) 779 556 2277
  • Please note my suggestions about Confidential communication



I am the only person who will see, hear or answer your email, text messages and audio or video communications. I prefer to use the standard telephone system, voice-mail and SMS messages as little as possible, as they are not secure.


Do you have any questions? Please email me, or use the form below. For reasons of security and confidentiality I prefer it that we first arrange secure ways of communicating, before you start writing or saying anything personal or sensitive about yourself. Once we have set that up, I will be also free to reply in writing.

You may have questions about where to start, and whether psychotherapy is right for you. You may want to know more about me, and there will be questions that I have not answered on my website. Or you may want to ask about practical matters, money matters, questions about transportation. The first contact we have, usually electronically, is free.

You may immediately want to schedule an appointment. Sometimes my week is full, or we may need to make some effort to find a time of the week that works for both of us.

For messaging I very much prefer that you contact me on a secure, encrypted system, preferably wire  (I also use SIgnal and Threema). 

My address

  • 10 Cheyne Walk
  • Hendon
  • London
  • NW4 3QJ
  • UK



Getting there

The nearest Underground station is Hendon Central on the Edgware Branch of the Northern Line.  This is less than five minutes walk from my practice, as are bus stops of buses 113, 143, 186, 326, 324 and 83.

The nearest over ground train station is Hendon.  This is a 15 minute walk or a short bus ride (83) and walk away.

For the car and similar forms of transport, my house is near to Brent Cross Shopping Centre, and can easily be reached from the A41 or the North Circular Road (A406).  Cheyne Walk is near to the start of the M1. There is free parking available right in front of my house, off the road.


Confidential communication

This website is not a marketing site. It gives information about myself in my professional capacity, and provides some resources. If you find me on this website and contact me, you do so in my professional capacity, usually as a psychotherapist. In that case it is of great importance that our communications are as secure and confidential as possible. This is not only how I think it should be, to protect your interests and rights, but I am also obliged to under the Data Protection Act (2018) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


My requests are as follows:

  • Email. Install a (free) version of ProtonMail ( ) and email me from there.

  • Messaging. Install "wire" and use that.

  • Social media. Do not use. Not even Facebook Messenger.

I hope you will understand that this is necessary, for legal reasons if nothing else, and that you will find a secure way to contact me.

You can find more detailed information about my communications policy here on this site.

Some more detail if you like that:

  • Email. Email in general is unsafe. My main professional email address is . If you are familiar with PGP/GPG, you can email me using that, and tell me where to find your public key. If you don't have those, or possibly tutanota (my email is, I recommend that you install ProtonMail on a computer, tablet or smartphone (the basic plan is free), and use that address to email me on my ProtonMail address.

  • Messaging. For setting up an appointment, messaging is convenient. But SMS messaging and many others are not secure. Please use, or install and use, wire, Signal or possibly Threema, and use that to contact me. Insecure messages I cannot respond to.

  • Social media. Social media, including Facebook Messenger, or the messaging channels of video-conferencing software like Skype, are not a safe or appropriate way to make any professional contact with a psychotherapist. Although it may feel a bit abrupt, if you use one of these methods, I cannot respond.